The hearTV app is not showing my hearTV devices.

Try the steps below to resolve this problem.

  • Refresh the list of TVs by tapping the refresh button in the bottom right corner of the hearTV app.

  • Turn your phone's Wi-Fi off and then on again.

  • Restart the hearTV app.

  • Make sure your network meets the Network Requirements. Specifically, review the requirements related to:

    • Captive Portal
    • Isolation Mode / Guest Network
    • Subnet / VLAN
  • If using the Wireless operating mode, make sure you selected the correct Wi-Fi network and entered the correct password. You will need to perform a factory reset to re-enter this information.

  • If using the Wired operating mode, check your ethernet connections from the missing hearTV device to the main Wi-Fi router. Make sure the ethernet cable on the main Wi-Fi router is connected to the LAN port.

  • Make sure that the green light inside the hole on the top of the hearTV device is flashing, as shown here. Audio Light

    • If the light is not flashing, unplug the power to the hearTV device and then plug it back in.
    • After rebooting the unit, if the green light inside the hole on the top of the hearTV device still is not flashing, perform a factory reset.
  • After a factory reset, if the green Wi-Fi light on top of the hearTV device is not on, connect your phone to the hearTV Wi-Fi and then check your phone's IP address.

    • Android: Open your phone's settings, tap About phone, and then tap Status.
    • iPhone: Open your phone's settings, tap Wi-Fi, and then tap on the hearTV Wi-Fi network.

      If your phone's IP address is 192.168.1.x ("x" is any number), follow these steps:
      1. Unplug power from the hearTV device.
      2. Connect an ethernet cable to the blue ethernet port on the hearTV device.
      3. Connect the other end of the ethernet cable to an internet-connected router, switch, or modem.
      4. Plug the power in to the hearTV device.
      5. Wait approximately 3½ minutes until the Wi-Fi light on top of the hearTV device turns on and the green light inside the hole on the top is flashing.
      6. Check your phone's IP address again. It should now be 192.168.173.x
  • Reboot your phone.

  • If none of these steps have resolved the problem, please e-mail hearTV support and include the MAC address printed on the bottom of the hearTV unit.

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Last updated on 9th Nov 2017