Technical Specifications

Specification Value
Audio Input hearTV Home, hearTV Connect, hearTV Pro Connect: (1) 3.5mm (⅛”) analog mono input

hearTV Pro 8X Connect: (8) RCA analog inputs
(Each input is a left/right RCA pair, but audio is transmitted in mono.)
Audio Latency Approximately 100 ms

Latency is measured from the audio input on the hearTV device
to the audio output from the hearTV app on an iPhone.
Latency can vary by phone and other network conditions.
Operating Modes Wired: Connect hearTV to your networking equipment using an ethernet cable.

Wi-Fi: Connect hearTV to your networking equipment using Wi-Fi.
Bandwidth 384 kb/s per audio strem per user
Wi-Fi 802.11ac (5 GHz only)

It is strongly recommended to use 5 GHz Wi-Fi for streaming hearTV audio.
See the FAQ for more information.
Power Each hearTV unit requires a 12V, 1A AC-to-DC power adapter. (Included)
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Last updated on 9th Nov 2017