Model Audio Inputs Audio Connection Type Ethernet Ports
hearTV Home 1 3.5mm (⅛") 1 WAN
hearTV Pro 1 3.5mm (⅛") 1 WAN
hearTV Pro 8X 8 RCA inputs 1 WAN
hearTV Home1
hearTV Pro1
hearTV Pro 8X8
It depends.

In a typical home, you'll need a hearTV unit on each TV you want to stream to your phone.

In a commercial installation where satellite receivers and cable boxes are installed in a rack, your best option is to install a hearTV Pro 8X in your rack to connect up to 8 receivers.

In a commercial installation where satellite receivers and cable boxes are behind or near each TV, you'll need to install a hearTV Pro for each TV you want to stream to your phone.
You may connect as many units together as you wish. All units connected together on the same Wi-Fi will be visible to choose from in the hearTV app.
Short answer: No.

Long answer: An Internet connection is highly recommended.

Providing an Internet connection on your hearTV Wi-Fi network enables you to use other online services such as e-mail, web browsing, and messaging apps.

Without an Internet connection, some phones may automatically disconnect from Wi-Fi when an Internet connection is unavailable, which will interrupt streaming of hearTV audio.

Also, an Internet connection is required in order to update hearTV firmware. (Firmware updates are not automatic.)
Yes. The hearTV system streams audio over your Wi-Fi network. Most residential routers are compatible with hearTV without any changes, but commercial grade systems may need adjustments to meet the Network Requirements for hearTV.
No. The hearTV uses Wi-Fi, and does not use any cellular data.
Bandwidth on the local Wi-Fi network is about 400 kbps per user. This is less than 0.1% of the available bandwidth on 802.11 AC Wi-Fi.

Because hearTV streams audio over a local Wi-Fi network, it does not use any internet or cellular data.
The hearTV app streams audio from any TV connected to a hearTV device. All your TV needs is an audio output port.
No. Once you purchase and install hearTV, there's no additional cost, and the app is free.
Wireless range is influenced by many factors. In ideal conditions with no obstructions and no wireless interference, hearTV will stream audio to users within 300 feet. For a typical installation, we recommend installing wireless hearTV units within 100 feet of the Wi-Fi access point and users of the hearTV app.
Please refer to the Benefits of 802.11ac Wi-Fi support article for details.
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Last updated on 3rd Aug 2018