Benefits of 802.11 AC Wi-Fi

When setting up hearTV, always use routers or access points that support 802.11ac Wi-Fi. This type of Wi-Fi is necessary for several reasons:

  • It is the fastest widely-adopted Wi-Fi standard.
  • It helps prevent audio drop-outs. Although older Wi-Fi standards have sufficient bandwidth for a buffered audio stream such as Pandora or Spotify, hearTV is real-time audio (not buffered), and a low-latency connection is required. Only 802.11ac can reliably provide the low latency network required for hearTV.
  • It only operates in the 5 GHz frequency range. Older Wi-Fi standards operate in the 2.4 GHz range, which is very susceptible to interference from other nearby Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth accessories, cordless phones, garage door openers, baby monitors, microwave ovens, and so on.
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Last updated on 3rd Aug 2018